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I have had back pain for about 15 years and been to 10 different spine doctors. 13 years ago, I had a 3 level fusion in my low back and it helped with my pain but it was still a lot to heal up form. After about 3 months, I asked my doctor when will the rest of the pain go away and he said that it's as good as it will ever be. He then recommended that I remain on prescribed medication from now on.

After 13 years of opioids, I find out I have issues with my liver and can't keep taking the pain medication. With my back pain progressively getting worse before I stopped the pain meds. After I weened of the meds the pain was really bad.

My legs were numb and aching and had been for about 10 years. I spent 7 weeks laying in the bed waiting for my back to get better and still no relief. A family friend was having some back problems and had looked up Dr. Waller and went for an adjustment and called me on their way home. This friend said there were so impressed with his technique and I should give him a try.

I had been to many chiropractors and didn't get any long term pain relief and sometimes no relief at all. So I wasn't really wanting to try it again but they said it was not like a normal chiropractor.

I got an appointment and drove 3 hours to get there and after X-rays, Dr. Waller said he could help me. The FIRST adjustment sent the feeling back into the front of my legs. After about 6 weeks of adjustments, I have all feeling back in my legs and my back pain has gone from an 8 to a 3.
I have health with back pain on & off for many years. I also have issues with fertility and severe menstrual cycles that I have been to various doctors for. Every time, I receive pills and surgery to treat these issues. The pills never worked, so I just suffered in silence, figuring it was just going to be that way for the foreseeable future.

In December 2011, I was dealing with severe back pain. A friend recommended I come to see Dr. Waller. From my first appointment, I was impressed that Dr. Waller was conservative in his approach. The treatment has not only provided me with relief from my back pain, but I also had the first normal cycle I have had in years.

Dr. Waller is extremely knowledgeable but is great at educating his patients as well. With Tiffany manning the front, with her welcoming attitude, and Dr. Waller's expertise, I am SO blessed to have found this practice!
My journey began 18 months ago, with severe pain in the lower back to my knee. It was impossible to sit, and not much better standing. I made several trips to many medical doctors without any relief. Then to the spine clinic, finally I made the appointment with Dr. Waller.

I was diagnosed with having a Vertebral Subluxation Complex. Dr. Waller said he could help me, but it would take more than one treatment.

16 months ago I started my frequent adjustments. In two weeks, the severe pain was gone. I could sit for short periods of time. I keep up with my appointments with Dr. Waller.
Peggy B.
I suffered from low back pain for about 15 years. I tried several chiropractors and once went to my medical doctor when I could not even stand up straight. That time I was in bed for several days, sleeping because of the pain medicine and the muscle relaxants.

I went to a back surgeon. I got a cortisone shot and that worked for 24 hours. The next option was to ger nerves burned, but I wanted the problem fix, not just the pain gone. That's when I met Tiffany at a festival booth and began treatments with Dr. Waller.

After several months of treatments - three times a week, I am now about once a month, as needed, and am daily pain-free or low-level pains. I can garden again!
My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for years and even considered trying in vitro fertilization. I was asked if I had ever tried chiropractic. I had never thought that chiropractic could help with that type of problem. I was skeptical but was willing to try anything before going the in vitro route.

I was referred to Dr. Waller and he examined my spine and explained to me how pinched nerves could keep me from conceiving. I began my care to correct my pinched nerves and within 3 months I was pregnant!

I am a firm believer in chiropractic and Dr. Waller.
On August 22, 2009, I awoke with massive pain in the face, eye, temple, and up into the head (all on the left side) and by 1:00am the next morning I could not stand the pain. I had to get my husband in the car and drive myself to Gilmer, TX to ETMC emergency.

My husband was not able to drive because of health reasons. The doctor in the emergency said the pain is probably an infected tooth or sinus infection. He gave me strong pain pills. On August 23, 2009 I went to our dentist, and he, in turn, checked me and sent me to an oral surgeon. He found no problems with my teeth.

The pain pills did not help much and they started causing my stomach to be upset. They also caused me to be horribly constipated. On August 24, 2009, my blood pressure went crazy and I ended up in the emergency, this time in ETMC in Tyler. They gave me heroin which immediately helped.

Oh no! Am I going to become an addict? That was the only thing that worked for the pain. I know that was crazy thinking that way after one dose, but have not ever taken many pain medications. I cannot remember having a really bad headache.

Not having a primary doctor here in TX, we had to make 4 more trips to the emergency. Each time they checked for meningitis, tumors, heart problems, etc. I kept telling all the doctors that I thought it was coming from my neck and they kind of laughed at me. After taking a drug that gave me hallucinations one night, I packed up ALL the pain pills and put them aside.

I looked up all the chiropractors in Tyler and decided it was too far for me to drive and others were helping me go there. I conferred with my son and daughter. I asked my daughter in CA and she said a Gonstead chiropractor would be best.

So on September 15, 2009, I FOUND DR. WALLER. I walked in with bad pain and ever after the first adjustment, I felt a little better. In less than ONE MONTH I am much much better. Also, I used some great diet principles and juicing, my blood pressure came down.

Dr. Waller is wonderful and I can't say enough good things about him. He is honest and will tell you the truth!
Alice J.
I had been suffering from severe neck pain for years. I had been getting injections in my upper neck at the Spine team for 3 years.

I was referred to Dr. Waller for this problem with the hopes that he could help make my pain livable.

Dr. Waller talked to me and told me he thought he could help so he checked me and took some x-rays. After he looked at it he told me I had a pinched nerve in my neck that was causing the pain.

After my 3rd adjustment, my pain was GONE!!! I can't believe I wasted 3 years of getting painful injections. I wish I would have found Dr. Waller Sooner!

Thanks Dr. Waller!
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