Levels of Chiropractic Care in Heath

Levels of chiropractic care in Heath

Levels of Chiropractic Care in Heath?

Most people don't fully understand the Chiropractic principle, so when they come to a Heath chiropractor for help they may not understand what the chiropractor is trying to do.

Chiropractic Care in Heath

Being a chiropractor, I know the vital importance of living life FREE of subluxation. When someone comes to me for help I want to give them the best care they can get. I some times forget that some people DON'T want what the chiropractor has to offer beyond pain relief.

Levels of Chiropractic Care

  1. Relief Care - The first level is simply to get people out of pain as quickly as possible and not see them again till they hurt. This is a great alternative to the medical approach to drugging a symptom and not addressing the underlying cause. However, relief care leaves the patient with the core problem that will eventually cause problems again when it gets bad enough and has not had a chance to optimize the patient's spine and health.
  2. Maintenance Care - This is what everyone SHOULD choose. This level of care not only achieves pain relief but goes further to stabilize all areas of spinal weakness. The level then recommends periodic checkups to ensure it does well and addresses any problems that are brewing BEFORE health is lost or the patient has pain. Most chiropractors will lay out a plan of Maintenance care for their patients, but not all will accept it. With this in mind make sure your chiro understands your level of commitment to your care.

Please feel free to reach out to our clinic if you have questions about chiropractic care in Heath.


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