Life Without Dentists in Heath

Life without Dentists in Heath

Life Without Dentists in Heath?

Have you ever wondered what your spine's job is? Your spine functions to protect the delicate communication between brain cells and tissue cells. If the spine is damaged what do you think would happen to that communication? Right! Bad communication between brain cells and tissue cells. Chiropractic care in Heath fixes spines and restores communication between brain cells and tissue cells.

Why People Need Chiropractic Care in Heath

Can you imagine a world without dental care? Imagine if you had no way to care for your teeth. Brushing and flossing maybe, but no way to fill cavities, straighten teeth, treat gum disease, etc. What would that world look like? You got it, a world full of nasty, stinky toothless mouths. When your tooth hurts, your options would be to go to your family doctor who could give you pain killers or he could send you to a surgeon who could cut it out.

Sadly, when it comes to the spine and nervous system. 95% of the population lives like there is no way to take care of it. Only 5% of the population sees a chiropractor and a great deal of that percent probably doesn't get specific chiropractic adjustments. What is the result? Exactly what we see today. A bunch of bad spines and very sick people. Make sure you take care of your spine with good specific chiropractic care. You only get one spine and it's health dictates your health.


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